Mellow the Japanese Squirrel™

Mellow the Japanese Squirrel™ is a heroine of a photo essay, “Mellow the Japanese Squirre™ The Story of Kazusa Forest in Karuizawa“which was wrriten by Kazusa Nakamaru and published by Kyuryudo on  August 28, 2014.

This Mellow is a real Japanese Squirrel and a lovely girl who was born in the forest surrounding the author’s dwelling called “Kazusa Forest” and grew up as the mistress there. She bears cute babies every year when spring comes and finishes raising children well. She is a strong girl, too.

Well, what kind of squirrel is a Japanese squirrel? A Japanese Squirrel is a very important native squirrel which is peculiar to Japan living only in Honshu and Shikoku. The squirrel which can be called native species is only this Japanese Squirrel in Honshu and the south. Hokkaido also has two kinds of native squirrels, Sciurus vulgaris orientis and Tamias sibiricus lineatus

Kazusa Nakamaru